Stroppy Ploppy

I’m feeling angry. I’m enduring a bit of rage.
So I make a fist and empty my poo cage.

But I’m still angry. I’m feeling quite stroppy.
A particular individual deserves a dumping of ploppy.

I’m seeing flames of red, and so is my brown eye.
This rage bog is for someone who needs to die.

Swift violence demanded by my furious hole.
I’ll deliver on their head Mama’s recycled-spag bol.

Or better yet, I’ll flush this moron along with the turds.
Their gurgled ramblings, never again to be heard.

It ought to be outlawed, people who are this stupid.
A crime punishable with dumpings of poo so putrid.

Ban them from society, dump em all in the brown.
Then set ablaze the entire shit-messed town.

Pure Pooetry

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