Slow Sludge Fudge

Oh no, I’m stuck with a bit of a shitty problem.
Need a quick dump but it’s a slow brown goblin.

This turd feels awfully soggy and gooey.
Like a typical embedded mushy pooey.

I need speed, I need a runny blast of brown.
But instead I have this sludge in my downtown.

Heaving and hoeing, I’m trying to shift this gunky cow.
But each push makes it tougher to tread this brown plough.

Between my cheeks it clings like stubborn fudge.
Not even a monster roaring grunt can make it budge.

The flow has halted, the mass holds steadfast.
I’m spent, I cannot give another mighty blast.

Sticky and heinous it holds like gross glue.
I think I’ll need a stick to wedge out this rancid poo.

Pure Pooetry

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