Fancy yourself a bit of a poopateer of prose? Do you have a keen brown eye for penning phrases of fecal? Or is your mind sharp and witty like that of my soggy brown deposit? Well you are in luck my fecal friends! We are opening up submissions to Pure Pooetry! Why not email us some legendary passages of lore, fresh from your own dark, brown passages?

Use the below contact form to send us your OWN pooems! We will judge whether they are poo-worthy to appear on our brown stained pages. Butt please, be aware we have strict guidelines. Please read the guidelines before submitting your fresh, aroma rich pooems. The guidelines can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Submission Guidelines

Despite the name of this website, we are happy to consider prose as well as poetry. Pieces need not explicitly mention fecal matter but some form of humor relating to it is a must. Read a few pieces to gauge what we like.

Upon acceptance of work, the author is giving Pure Pooetry First Publishing Rights, exclusively for three (3) months from the first day of publishing. After said three (3) months have elapsed, all rights return to the author but Pure Pooetry retains non-exclusive rights to publish the work online (or in any other format) indefinitely.

Poose (Prose): Maximum eight hundred (800) words.
Pooetry (Poetry): Maximum fifty (50) lines.
Payment: None at this time. And possibly never.

Multiple submissions acceptable but please exercise moderation. We understand you may have had some massive inspiration whilst sitting on the can followed by keyboard diarrhoea. But still, send us only your best few pieces and wait for a reply before sending more.

No simultaneous submissions. Please wait for our reply.

We will try to get back to authors in a timely manner.