Run Poosepi Run

Busting, I had to poop really bad…
I was forced to clench like I never had.

Several minutes away was the nearest loo.
I was in a panic and knew not what to do.

I wondered if I could poop right on the floor.
And if a wild animal could be blamed for the gore.

The pain grew ferocious from my taint.
If I didn’t act quickly I was going to faint.

With each passing moment, my terror grew.
I had to stand still… else out came the rear spew.

I summoned the strength for one last clench.
I was almost soiled and could smell the stench.

Like Forest Dump I decided to run.
I had no choice and it wouldn’t be fun.

I ran faster than Usain Bolt.
So I could be rid of my revolt.

Then a miracle of the fecal kind.
I made it to the loo and planted my behind.

Pure Pooetry

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