Poo God

Egads! Turds raining from the sky!
Panic as people flee and cry.
Some slip on the gross grime.
They’re covered in fecal slime.
An evil poo god shits from on high.

This Doo-doo Deity has no remorse.
Baked beans he ate for the main course.
Now it hails hard brown ammunition.
This evil god is on a shitful mission.
No hiding from this fecal force.

In fear they worship this Lord of Poo.
It only invites more raining brown stew.
This god doesn’t give a shit about you people.
Except for the turds he fires at the sheeple.
You pay in brown for your faith askew.

You’re better off worshipping Spider-Man or Thor.
You’d see more fighting and less pooey downpour.
Anything is better than this religious shit.
I can’t stand this heavenly, fecal firing misfit.
For my blasphemy, my rectum is sore.

Pure Pooetry

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