Outward and Onward!

Something in this toilet is definitely askew.
I bet the plumbing is jam packed with poo!

The pipes are creaking, it sounds dangerous.
I’m not looking back, I’m not that courageous.

I’ve a bad feeling the toilet will come alive,
And puke up it’s ancient archive.

Someone will have to go deep-poo-diving,
To unclog the thick sludge that is thriving.

But count me out, this shit is a disgrace.
I’ll just write pooems from a safe place.

I feel it is only a matter of time,
Until there’s an eruption of brown slime.

I leave the danger zone not a moment too soon.
As I flee I hear a colossal BOOM!

Outward and onward, it was a countdown to disaster.
I survived, yet I contributed to that fecal blaster.

Pure Pooetry

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