Obnoxious Detox

I decided I needed to have a detox.
My gas stunk worse than my socks.

It was so bad people would faint.
All from the obnoxious gas from my taint.

So off I went to the local pharmacy.
To find a solution urgently.

The clerk recommended a fiber powder.
Simply mix with water and wait for chowder.

I returned home and prepared the drink.
‘For the greater good’ I thought, ‘To banish the stink!’

So I drank the glass of anti-fecal solution.
And hoped to lower my fecal poolution.

Nothing happened for the rest of the night…
‘Had something gone wrong?’ I thought with fright.

I awoke the next day and went to work.
Then five minutes in I felt a thundering shirk.

A cramp had almost made me collapse.
I needed a toilet before I’d prolapse.

I got to the throne without a minute to spare.
I’d barely removed my underwear.

With a monstrous explosion and painfully I did shout.
And due to the force, I’d thrown my back out!

Pure Pooetry

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