My Name is Farts Galore

Lately, my name has been Farts Galore.
I’ve been dropping bombs and stinky spores.

The farts have been flying out thick and thin.
Some so stinky you’d say it was a sin!

It’s as if I’ve got some sort of gas leak.
All Hell is wafting from between my cheeks.

But I can’t pinpoint the exact gassy cause.
So flee this stench, get down on all fours!

Better start crawling and don’t look back!
Unless you wanna inhale the stench of my crack!

There’s no escaping these clouds of death.
Your lungs will be filled with the devil’s breath!

There’s only one cure for such a vile odour…
Off to the latrines where bowels meet the unloader!

Pure Pooetry

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