Mississippi Steamboat

What you are about to read is a true story.
Forever remembered in all its poo glory.

It’s a tale of madness… something most sinister.
It’s much worse than Australia’s current Prime Minister.

So let me begin… spare me your time…
I hope you enjoy this Pure Pooetry rhyme!

It was a hard day at work and I sweated for hours.
When I got home I desperately needed a shower.

I was covered in filth so I started to clean.
The water was hot and producing much steam.

It was a much-needed scrub and I was feeling refreshed.
Now, this is the part where the story is best!

As I was showering I could feel something brew.
I needed to expel some gas as I normally do.

Farting in the shower is a hilarious thing…
Like in a crowded elevator when someone breaks wind.

I could feel the beast growing in size and in force.
I decided to enhance this trump without a second thought.

I separated my cheeks and blasted the trump!
But at the end I heard a disturbing thump!

Then the water… it began to rise.
I turned deathly pale and closed my eyes.

I thought how could the water rise without using a plug?
I opened my eyes and the drain was blocked by a nug.

Pure Pooetry

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