Friday Fecal Flurries

Yay! The Friday fecal is here.
To my brown eye it brings a tear.
I squat over the throne.
Spray out my tailbone.
Exhausted will be my rear.

A delicious meal lies ahead.
Refill my gut with food I’ve shed.
No doubt it’ll be in excess.
A burger of great success.
And again I’ll be fully fed.

Then time to unload once more!
The stench I do not look forward for.
The dumping of this magnitude.
From my bowels it will protrude.
Leaving my rectum quite sore.

And that’s the Friday Fecal Flurry.
Amazing food becomes a slurry.
It is the way of all life.
It all ends in brown strife.
Least it’s not stinking fecal curry.

Pure Pooetry

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