Fierce Fecal

Decrepit dumps make the anus sore.
Eventually the bogging becomes a chore.

A behemoth browning, a shitful spawning.
Sadly, this was my reality this morning.

A crap so monstrous you think you’ll die.
Straining so hard you might blast off and fly.

The dilation was wider than a bowling ball.
I was clutching the porcelain so I wouldn’t fall.

I felt my veins bulge and my vessels erupt.
The payload caused my anus to deconstruct.

I let out a massive groan as the peak approached.
Unloading this mass had my sanity encroached.

Beads of sweat clung to my red hot brow.
So I made this promise, a solemn vow.

If I ever cross the path of another such fierce fecal.
I’ll opt for the C-section because it’s far less lethal.

Pure Pooetry

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