Fecal Funeral

My nostril twitched at something unusual…
It was the hideous stench of a fecal funeral.

I had casually strolled out of the room…
And detected the scent of total poo doom.

It hit me in the face like a solid brick wall.
I exclaimed out loud, “This poo’ll kill us all!”

But my warning had come much too late.
The stink of death had sealed our fate.

The air got thick and my vision became hazy.
I clutched at my throat, this was no scent of daisy.

I whispered a prayer as I fell to my knees.
And tried to wave away the wafting cheese.

My final thoughts, “Ashes to ashes, dusty farts.”
“I really should have wiped my private parts.”

Pure Pooetry

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