The shituation has become very real.
From this Epoodemic we need to heal.

Or are people blowing this thing out of pooportion?
Are they full of shiz like a rectal abortion?

But this mess is legit and we should be cautious.
It doesn’t hurt to be free of feeling nauseous.

We must band together yet still apart.
In isolation we will release our farts.

If you smell someone’s gas, it’s too damn close!
4 metres distance is the absolute most!

Keep the pooping at a safe social distance.
We can’t write pooems without an existence.

Keep a wide birth for dropping our loads.
Let’s be strong and go into isolation mode.

Think of it like pooping without touching the seat.
We gotta keep our butts clean and neat.

So be strong and don’t forget to wash your behind.
Cos if you get infected life will be unkind!

Pure Pooetry

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