Dr. Poopenstein

While I sat I heard a squeak. Not from the throne but between my cheeks.

Suddenly the squeak did stop but then I heard a tremendous pop.

It was unexpected and gave me a fright, causing my sphincter to pucker up tight.

I was very nervous and in uncharted territory. I felt like I was being studied in a laboratory.

A drop of sweat fell to the floor. Then I smelled a terrible odour.

My heart was pounding and I grew faint. I couldn’t imagine what was going to come out of my taint.

And an awkward silence filled the room as I braced for certain doom.

Then there struck a bolt of lightening making things even more frightening.

I heard a noise like floor boards creaking. Then from my anus something started peeping.

The air grew vile like the stench of death. The peeping monster had hideous breath.

It slowly began to murderously move. Inch by inch I doubted that my situation would improve.

Then the beast exploded out. All chance of survival I did doubt.

With a mighty scream he asked if I had the time. It was my old friend Dr. Poopenstein.

Pure Pooetry

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