Do The Home Runny

Gut is a whirlwind spinning without end.
X-ray of bowels reveals a sickly blend.

Churning increases, eruption is at hand.
Stressed to the max is my sweat gland.

All my bases are loaded to the max.
Careful I don’t let my cheeks relax.

Sensing the imminent southern evacuation…
I take measures to remove the foul gestation.

Several visceral blasts on the company dunny.
The remaining beast requires I do a home runny.

So I head home early cos of these runs.
It left me feeling numb in the buns.

Then came the puking and more rear spews.
This shit came out in all colours and hues.

This cleanup will require quite a few mops.
Cos all around me is nothing but slops.

Pure Pooetry

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