Clogged Soup

Constipation is downright sucky.
Glued fast is the brown mucky.
And if you are strapped for time…
How do you defrost that slime?
Maybe load up on some Kentucky.

But runs are also quite unpleasant.
An unwanted brown runny present.
It’s not a cure for constipation.
Just a speedy doodoo-donation.
You’ll wish it were hard like cement.

But if you’re constipated and in doubt.
You must pucker hard in and out.
And if gut is heavy like a beer keg.
Soon you’ll blast discharging dregs.
Cos it’s gonna be slimy like a trout!

Sometimes these two form a group.
A cork holds back the turdulent troops.
And when it’s a combo of the above…
Your gut becomes a turd filled glove.
Primed to release the clogged soup!

Pure Pooetry