Cheap Toilet Paper Sucks

You’ll know you work for a kind employer.
If the toilet paper is not a rectum destroyer.

If you have been given cheap and nasty paper.
You’ll always have an awful wiping caper.

If the words “prison paper” comes to your mind.
The boss doesn’t give a shit about your behind.

If there’s no perforation on the paper to tear.
Your butthole will be getting a dreadful scare.

Scraps of uneven torn paper will get stuck.
Right up your clacker, in with the muck.

If the paper is thin and wispy.
Your finger is going to get sticky.

If you can only roll two piddly squares.
It really shows how much the boss cares.

Which is not much at all, what a cheap prick!
I’d love to drop on him a load of my shit brick!

Pure Pooetry

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