Brown Graffiti

Monday morn, the dunnies are nice and clean.
The porcelain is so shiny it even gleams.

I must congratulate the janitors on such a great job.
But alas, I’m here to defile with a brown blob!

Before I start my sloppy brown art…
I toot out a stinky, cloudy fart.

I take my seat and begin the grotesque act.
I gotta use force cos my bowels are compact.

But once I get going the flow is strong and steady.
Then the stench hits and I exclaim “This is deadly!”

Like a vandal, I desecrate the bowl with brown graffiti.
I coat the porcelain with my paint completely.

Not an inch of white escapes my brown confetti.
It splatters all over, this turdly tainted spaghetti.

Pure Pooetry

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