Pooetry, The High Seas

Brown Barnacle

The seas were angry my good friends.
As a monstrous barnacle traversed the s-bends.

This was no ordinary marine crustacean.
It was a freak of nature, an abomination.

It’s girth and size were far beyond measure.
For years it grew in the realm of nether.

When it finally escaped with a thunderous splash.
I thought the porcelain hull would surely smash.

But the hull stayed intact as the monster thrashed.
Causing tidal waves with a tsunami-like crash.

With each passing second I feared for my life.
So I texted goodbye to my children and wife.

Then all of a sudden in a brown eye’s blink…
The beast was gone but left behind a stink.

But some say If you listen closely you can hear it’s moans.
As it descends to the locker of Davey Jones.

Pure Pooetry

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