Between The Cheeks

This one goes out to Kirk. A big Pure Pooetry fan who is doing it tough. ❤️

I’m feeling a little wet between the cheeks.
Something has made my gut feel weak.
I dunno what food sealed this fate…
But now I have a delicate date.
So I walk slowly to avoid a brown streak.

If a friend came by and gave a butt slap…
I may unleash the unwanted crap.
So I have to hope this is not the case.
My pants just need some breathing space.
I must not fall into a booty trap!

I waddle real slow, at a snail’s pace.
Yet these greased cheeks want to race.
Did I put on my nice white underwear?
Screw it! I guess I’ll add some flare!
My entire wardrobe will need to be replaced.

Pure Pooetry

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