Magic, Pooetry

An Ancient Brown Power

After a burger of epic proportions.
I had to commit a stinky abortion.
And in the bowl lay a foul mess.

But when wiping time came.
My ass was put to shame.
And I felt sinister waves of duress.


Before I could flush this grotesque formation…
I was overcome by the stink of foul mutation.
And by an ancient brown power I was consumed.

I peered into the poopie-porcelain vessel.
From shitty slumber, an evil power did wrestle.
Then my gaze was doodoo-doomed.


Something deep within my bowel…
Stopped me from throwing in the towel.
I was enchanted by this shitty spell.

Into The Abyss, I couldn’t look away.
Frozen with turdly-terror, you could say.
Though I wanted to flush this to Hell.


It gleamed with an earthy hue.
It was the colour of hideous poo.
The sight was a horror to behold.

For the beast had a grasp on my mind.
My sanity was suddenly misaligned.
And my crack and spine shivered so cold.


I was stuck in the fecal-fear trance.
After I’d birthed this with a doodoo dance.
And now it came for my shit-stained soul.

But I wasn’t going without a fart or a fight.
With my willpower, I flushed this poo-plight.
And finally, I was free to clean the bowl.


Pure Pooetry

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