Aged To Poofection

This poop has been a long time in the making.
For ages, my insides have been baking.

And now it’s time to unload the awful matter.
Will it come out solid or a sickly splatter?

This question turns out to be moot…
My bowel won’t give the brown the boot!

The mush wants to ferment a bit longer.
But this will cause the stink to grow stronger!

I must take this matter into my own hands.
Not literally, I’ll come up with some plans!

So I heave and ho, then flex and clench.
I gotta dump the mass making stench!

I grunt and groan, then push and shove.
All this work sure is no labour of love!

I breathe in and out, I use enormous force…
And with a BOOM explodes the sauce!

Pure Pooetry

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